Based in Germany

Speditionstraße 21, 40221,Dusseldorf

+49 211 82204013

Based in Germany

Speditionstraße 21, 40221,Dusseldorf

+49 211 82204013

We help you buying domains!

Albert Schimmel office

Deal closers

We help you to buy already registered desirable domain names, even if they are not listed for sale!
Our brokers have extensive knowledge about the value of European and .com domains.
As each domain name is unique we always start with a free introduction and short consultation.
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We negotiate a deal

Negotiate and transfer

Our expert brokers negotiate anonymously on your behalf to purchase domains  directly from the owners. During the process we never disclose the identity of a purchaser or brand.
We have the experience, necessary negotiations skills, business know-how, connections and expert tools that ensure the best outcome.
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Domain Broker Network

Global network

Buymyname operate through a solid global brokers network in the domain name industry. We believe in transparency and ensure that you are always informed about the next steps.
If we don’t succeed in buying the domain, there will be no costs for you!

The brokerage firm that goes the extra mile

We are truly passionate about domains and have the motivation to persevere.
With our unique approach we get the valuable domains that you really want!
Transparent advice and brokerage from the smartest people in the industry. For business owners, brand agencies and attorneys.  We are straight forward, easy to reach and our clients can count on our honest opinion.
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About us

Albert Schimmel founder

We make buying registered domains easy!

Based in Düsseldorf, Germany with a clear focus on premium country code and .com domain acquisitions for businesses, start ups, attorneys and brand agencies anywhere in the world.

We combine expert knowledge, negotiation skills and substantiated research to make buying already registered domains easy.

The Buymyname brokers are focused, transparent and accountable, our vision drives us and our values dictate how we succeed.

The founder and owner Albert Schimmel has an eight figure sales record in the secondary domain market. Worked independently as a consultant for search engine marketing and strategic business planning. Fluent in English, German, and Dutch.

The brokers committee were part of some of the biggest domain acquisitions in the world and purchased and sold thousands of domain names including ultra premium .com domains that are now well-known websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can help my business?

We help businesses acquire memorable and intuitive domain names. As we are based in Europe – we understand the value of global and local country code domains.

We broker country code domains, no matter if you want a German .DE domain , Dutch .NL, French .FR , Polish .PL,  or domains from another country  – we are able to help  and negotiate anonymously on your behalf. Even if the name is not listed for sale!


Why should I work with

  • Expertise and passion

We are experts that love negotiating and understand the value of .com and country code domains.

Our broker committee were part of some of the biggest domain acquisitions in the world. We purchased and sold thousands of domain names including ultra premium .com domains that are now well-known websites.

  • Individual appoach

Our focus is on producing long-term relationships and loyalty!  Our domain broker processes are individual, working with means that you get a service that is based on your personal needs and requests.  As soon as we start working together you can always reach us via email, phone, Microsoft Teams, Skype , Zoom, WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.

  • Discreet

If  you decide to work with us we will ensure transparency and we never disclose the identity of a purchaser or brand owner during the process. We gladly sign an NDA and we will always  guard your confidential information.

  • Direct and straight forward.

You will always get honest advice and opinions about strategies, budgets, pricing and the secondary domain market.

  • Ethical and transparent

We won’t accept commissions or pay outs from another party or vendor involved in the transaction.

  • Global network

We operate through a solid global network in the domain name industry and offer a multilingual broker service and we take care of everything that is needed.



Why are domains so important for my business?

Names give us trust and hold this is the starting point for business success.

Internet domain names have always been one of the key factors of being recognized and having success in trading and business on the internet.




Why Choose Us?


More than a decade of experience providing expert domain brokerage and consulting advice. We help in getting the domains for your European and global business.


An enthusiastic and passionate team of brokers are always here to help. Service the way you want it.


Our domain specialists ensure you get the optimum results. We take care of everything and guarantee transparency.