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If you need someone to pronounce, explain or spell your domain/brand or product name, then you have the wrong name!

Keep in mind that nothing will reward you as richly as using a great name for your company or product.

Your name must be memorable to prospective customers and you need a name that is almost impossible to misspell.

I often use Trivago as an example of how not to do it.

Name mistake

The company Trivago must spend millions of marketing money each year (TV commercials, radio, and other channels) explaining who they are and what they do.

The company may now be established and recognised by many customers, but they still confuse people on a daily basis, accidentally sending them to alternative websites.

  • Without a visual association, people find it hard to remember names and a “cre8tive” name like trivago is missing such a link.
  • It is not clear how to spell trivago and the company didn’t secure other potential and obvious typo domains.

Just imagine what happens after someone hears a radio spot.
“Was it…?” No this is a parked page with some sponsored links. The owner of this domain will make some serious money from all those confused visitors who click on the sponsored links…

Was it No, this company offers industrial valve repairs.

Was it… ? Many of their potential clients eventually decide to visit as a result.

Don’t make similar mistakes with your domain, brand, or product names.

Your brand name must be firmly anchored into the psyche of the consumer, combined with an unmistakable/clear idea of the product or service.

Using a confusing name, will require money and time educating people as to who you are and what you do.

Not every company can afford to buy a name like
But what a difference to trivago and we are here to help to get great domain names!

The category killer domain name name creates authority and is authentic. It automatically explains what to expect and is almost impossible to misspell.

A great name will give you confidence and business advantages, making excuses and a bad name will devalue your brand.

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