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During a short impromptu vacation

I recently visited a small running store. The store did not stock my preferred and trusted shoe brand, but as I had forgotten to pack my running shoes, I needed an alternative. I tried on the cheapest and most expensive models from another brand and was pleasantly surprised. Both shoes were great, but I decided to purchase the more expensive of the two I had tried.

What affected my choice?

Back at the hotel I asked myself: Did the price alone affect my choice and how had I arrived at my decision to purchase the more expensive model, despite being equally happy with the cheaper alternative from the same brand?

Would I have bought the cheaper shoe, if I had been told that it was the more expensive of the two models… Of course, it is hard to predict, but I imagine I would have taken the most expensive model, believing that the price reflected it’s superior quality.



Consumers make almost all of their decisions subconsciously and neuromarketing is all about how your subconscious mind controls your behaviour. Marketers want to understand and predict the purchasing habits and decisions of consumers.

It’s no surprise that neuromarketing is so important for internet businesses. Starting with homepage design – colours, pictures, navigation, and pricing and going far beyond. Internet marketers have been using tools such as eye tracking, Interactive videos, artificial intelligence, storytelling and social networks to maximize response and conversion rates for many years.

Every day we make thousands of decisions.

Some sources suggest that an average person takes around 35 000 choices per day.

Have you ever thought about how visitors experience ‘Your’ company domain name ?

Whenever people are surfing the internet the domain name is always visible at the browser bar, especially on mobile devices -it’s right in your face!

Smart companies understand the value of a strong domain name in influencing behaviour.

Does Your Domain say “Trust Me?”

A great domain is one of the best ways to gain trust and credibility and will help you gain the attention and success you deserve!